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lovely little lady

Jords and I have been so excited to visit his brother and sister-in-law to meet this little lady in person (rather than through the nursery window at the hospital). We finally got the chance tonight, and

what a lovely little niece we have!

Isn’t she just a doll? We’re so happy both baby and momma are safe and sound.

Now we can’t wait for our other sister-in-law, Melanie, to have her twin baby boys this spring/summer!

You see, Jords and I are currently in the business of borrowing babies — from family, friends, neighbors, couples sitting near us at church, whoever. Every one of them is positively precious and we’re excited to start that chapter of our lives one day in the future, but for a while longer, it’s nice to hand the adorable little one back when he or she feels fussy or needs changing.


red vines and tortilla soup

Idaho Falls

Thursday night, Jords and I trekked up to Idaho to check out apartments in Rexburg.

At least, that’s what I had him keep telling me we were doing.

For some reason, it was easier to to think about where we’ll be living for the next year or so than the two job interviews I had scheduled. I feel like I know my stuff and really could do a grown-up, post-college job, but that doesn’t keep the interview experience from racking my nerves a bit.

So, we’ll just say the trip was lots of red vines, tasty tortilla soup and a new apartment. Exciting, no matter what else happens.

Image source

By the way, it wasn’t quite so green in Idaho Falls while we were there yesterday. We’re hoping for that by April, though.

10 Things

Cheesecake image

I loved about this birthday weekend:

  1. Staying up ’til 4am watching TV (never happens anymore)
  2. The Brad Paisley concert (AMAZING. We almost went to Vegas for my 21st but chose this concert instead. Loved it. But Vegas is probably happening soon, too.)
  3. Sleeping in practically until noon
  4. Provo Bakery breakfast
  5. Jordan’s masterful apt. cleaning job
  6. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread (aka cake)
  7. Cards, calls, etc. from wonderful family & friends
  8. The Cheesecake Factory (Lemonade, delish dinner, cheesecake, worth the crazy long wait.)
  9. ‘Unbelievably delicious brownies’ (Gotta love skilled sisters.)
  10. Extremely nerdy moments (I’m sure this is old news, but we noticed this Cheesecake Factory vs. Lord of the Rings thing tonight and it cracked us up.)
Cheesecake Factory decor
Photo here

Shout out to high heels

I feel prettier AND more productive when I clean the house in heels.  Which is good, because our house looked like the aftermath of an earthquake all week long.

Funny, I started that post like three weeks ago yet it’s true again today.  Jords and I are great at cleaning, we’re just not so great at upkeep (which is why there are still decorations up from the bridal shower I threw on Tuesday. Poor Jords spent a whole morning looking for the duct tape I used as a balloon weight behind our living room chair. The balloons had already wilted so there was nothing to give away the tape’s hiding spot).

Also, I wore heels to the grocery store today (something I feel like I maybe haven’t ever done) and I know I would have loved it if I hadn’t already been wearing them for 6 1/2 hours.


The highlights from the holidays that I managed to capture on film:
(sidenote: can I still use that archaic term?)

The Nutcracker, wow
Beautiful people, right? Well they’re about to have beautiful twin babies!  We can’t wait.
Darling pjs
A little bit of pyro-ness 
Candles, presents, cake, ice cream
A dash of partying

Some squeezed-in sister time
A few fireworks

Basically, our break brought Mario Kart, board games, shopping, delicious food, double the family fun, sleeping in, giggle attacks, late-night restaurants, an old tradition or two and a few new favorites. Also, Jords had to head home a little sooner than me (for work) so I arrived to all our new decor already hanging in our cute little apartment. Love that guy.


In past years, the words “Winter semester” translated into “Goodbye vacation, school’s about to warp speed your recently relaxed self back into real life.” That’s true this year, too, but so far it’s exciting.  I’d still choose another two weeks at home if I could (it’s warmer there) but the promise of a new year is actually rejuvenating me this time ’round.

Even if our apartment does look like an earthquake.

‘Twas the week before finals …

I feel awful for even considering a comparison between Christmas and finals, but it just popped into my head, I swear. The contrast makes it valid … they’re exact opposites in levels of happiness and kinds of anticipation.

Honestly though, this week’s schedule is way busier than my plans for next week, mostly because this week involves parties, work AND deadlines, rather than just deadlines.

Some handy philosophies for this week:

  • Leftovers make the tastiest dinners.
  • It’s easier to crash in an unmade bed.
  • Dishes look better in a pile than books. Or homework. Or tests.

I don’t have any real candy, so

I’m alternating between fruit snacks, chocolate chips and Cafe Rio mints (and blogging) to keep myself awake right now. It’s not very late and I’m not especially tired, but something about tonight’s homework load is making me bored drowsy.

Important updates from our Thanksgiving weekend:

  • Lots of awesome food and family.
  • A little late-night shopping.
  • Practically no homework time.
  • An electric fireplace.
  • Amazing nachos.
Probably my favorite hotel room.
Probably Jords’ favorite grab-stuff-from-the-fridge creation ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image source

We were incredibly lazy

Image source

this weekend, but we still managed to do some stuff like pick up pizza and start a new TV series … like I said, incredibly lazy. It was a catch-up-on-sleep, finish-homework-before-Thanksgiving kind of weekend. Anyway, here’s ten things we loved:

  1. Brick Oven pizza & Miss Congeniality for date night (my turn to choose the Netflix)
  2. Brick Oven rootbeer (so good it gets its own line)
  3. Seeing Mel while she’s in town (it’s hard to share her with her in-laws)
  4. Moving our mattress into the living room for more comfortable TV-time
  5. Working on homework under the covers
  6. Eating fast food (a rarity for us lately)
  7. Chicken pot pie — a recent Sunday tradition
  8. Finding the perfect amount of flour in our favorite chocolate-and-peanut-butter chip cookies
  9. Late night grocery shopping
  10. Catching up on sleep (does this contradict #9?)

Catching up on thankful for’s:
Quirks (They make things interesting, but mostly they start with “q.”)
Rice — we ate rice for dinner at least three times a week all summer. (Delicious, but I’m so grateful for our meal plan now.)
Snow — in absolutely tiny-but-lovely quantities at Temple Square during Christmas or when I’m sledding.
Tower of the Americas in San An — where Jords and I became engaged. It’s kind of gorgeous and definitely delicious.

Photo here

I didn’t realize yesterday

that I could just save my Paris reminiscing for today and use it as my ‘thankful for.’

But that’s okay, because I also love
Psych — I know it’s super cliche in Provo, but Jords & I are just obsessed with it.

In other news, Jords had lasagna rolls ready for me last night, without even reading my blog! (Honestly, I’m not sure whether he knows the url, but I don’t mind a bit.) I’ve had at least one class canceled every day so far this week. (Let’s keep the pattern going, yes?) Today I made one of my favorite cookie batches. (Possibly because Jords brought home new peanut butter chocolate chips.) And I love my job.

15 things I wish

I could do right now:

  1. Ride with Jords to the aiport pick up his sis, yay!
  2. Roadtrip to California, just for kicks
  3. Or Vegas. Or Italy. Wherever.
  4. Taste test these crispy southwest chicken wraps
  5. And these lovely strawberries
  6. Find and start reading Crossed (I liked Matched pretty well, but I’m excited to see if the sequel picks up a little)
  7. Shop at the new H&M
  8. Go to RIPPED
  9. Cheer at BYU’s bball game
  10. Buy a Jamba (I might actually do this one)
  11. Eat one of these lasagna rolls (Can you tell I’m hungry?)
  12. Watch an episode of “Once Upon a Time
  13. Skype my sisters
  14. Go jogging (maybe to buy a Jamba?)
  15. Be finished with homework

And three things I’m thankful for, to make up for my missed days:

My momma. And my dad. They’re lifesavers. (The “my” is cheating, but “momma” counts.)
November. Lovely weather, a favorite holiday, almost done with the semester, etc.
Optometry. I have cute glasses, it’s true.

I’m also grateful for Paris, and wish we could go back. Half-empty or half-full?

This weekend we decided to be social.

But first, my ‘thankful for’ of the day:
Licorice — I don’t understand how it works or why it’s edible, but it’s tasty and I love it. Weird.

Jords & I used this weekend to prove we can actually be social; I feel like the last couple weekends have been full of work and homework. (Like filming a group project commercial on a Saturday night, for instance. Lamesauce.) BUT this week we did better.

And we made this:

Ignore the scary-looking knife in this photo. Recipe here

And these:

Adorable, yes?

With lots of awesome people. We had a blast.