Our Story

Our story
one ~ Jords & I met at a ward picnic in April while we were both home from school for the summer (don’t worry, I’m aware that I look ridiculous in this picture).  His family moved to my neighborhood  while he was on his mission, so we crossed paths a few times before then, but the picnic was the first time we really talked. (Sidenote: that park is also where we had our first kiss.) We dated all summer long, and rarely went a day without seeing each other.
two ~ Jords asked me to marry him on November 27 at the Tower of the Americas in San Antonio. The restaurant was where we went on our first official date after we started officially dating (does that make any sense?) and we absolutely loved their chocolate lava cake. A cute couple at a nearby table witnessed the whole proposal (him: nervous, waiting, kneeling and her:  clueless, crying, kissing) and were the first to congratulate us. The woman translated for her husband, who said, “I hope you enjoy that dessert for the rest of your lives.”
three ~ After a five-month-long engagement (which is decently long for BYU), we were finally married in the Houston Texas Temple on April 29, 2011. The day was absolutely perfect. We are so grateful for all the love and support we received from our dear family and friends.
four ~ We toured London & Paris for our honeymoon and had an absolute blast. I’m convinced that there’s nothing more fun than traveling with your best friend.