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Maybe you’re tired of these, but I’m not!

I’ve always loved looking at wedding photos — so maybe I’m going a tiny bit crazy with mine. But you know, the great thing about blogging is there’s unlimited space … so nobody can really complain if I just keep posting them, right?

Everyone’s told me that if I won’t ever do anything with these photos if I don’t do it now. So I’m starting a just-for-fun scrapbooking project, and hopefully that’ll keep me from obsessing over the wedding so much online. 🙂

Marry me, today and everyday

More photos to celebrate the happiest month of our lives.

Exiting the temple, finally together forever

We’re so blessed to have such lovely friends & family to support us

It’s so fun to finally wear the wedding part of our rings!

Sisters, cousins and best friends all part of my gorgeous bridesmaids

Our raspberry toenails and matching flip flops for some summer fun

Jords and his groomsmen, jumping for joy — they didn’t even plan their perfect formation

The Smith sisters

A new sister!

A bridal shot

Or two 🙂

Photos at the temple

We absolutely love being married and are so grateful for everyone who helped us get to this point! I’m also grateful for a husband who likes to make crepes on Sunday mornings, and that’s where I’m headed right now … this is just a sampling, hopefully more photos will be in the works soon!

You make me wanna say I do

Gosh time flies!

To celebrate our ONE MONTH anniversary, I’m {finally} posting some wedding photos!
This may take a few posts, so please have patience with me 🙂
Just for fun, we’ll go backwards and start with some details from the reception:

A wall of our lovely engagement photos, taken by my fabulous parents
A display of flowers and a canvas of Jords & I at our lovely temple
The most gorgeous AND delicious cake ever, by Bobbie Sevy with Southern Elegance
In the photo booth with silly hats
Raspberry ribbons decorating the outside of the reception
Memorable moments from the wedding party and piano
Sister signing our engravable photo frame
Divine Texas-shaped groom’s cake, also by Bobbie Sevy
Can you tell we had a photo theme going on?
Special thanks to the wonderful April & Mark with condiffphotography — these shots are beautiful and I’m so glad to have them to remember how perfect everything was.

I’m lucky I’m in love …

With my best friend (name that song).

This is one of my new favorite photos ever. Don’t I have the most gorgeous bridesmaids?
Okay so these aren’t quite the official ones yet — those are still in the works — but here’s a few fun wedding photos from my family’s camera. 🙂

Lots of us with raspberry toenails for the reception 🙂

Having fun painting & chatting.

My family’s first son. Love him!