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the Beautiful

Yesterday we seized the chance to use the $6.50 Smashburger deal advertised in The Daily Universe — we’ve noticed we’re susceptible to great pictures of tasty food. (However, Jords’ job is really to blame, as he was scheduled for a rare late shift and we actually got to see each other between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm.)


while we were there, I witnessed a sweet moment when an elderly gentleman and his wife walked past a table of four lunching United States soldiers.

“Good job, guys,” said the gentleman, who slowed as he approached the table.

“Thank you,” they nodded and replied.

Simple, I know, but isn’t this country beautiful?

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a Christmas story

I was flipping through Jords’ phone at old pictures today, and I found these delicious shots.

For Christmas, we decided to splurge on a gorgeous 1920s church-turned-restaurant in downtown Houston (and treat ourselves to a little alone time before Jords flew back for work) rather than buying each other presents. Best decision ever.

I’ll let the food speak for itself.

I don't think I'll ever find a better Caesar salad

To-die-for corn chowder

Pecan crusted chicken stuffed with smoked mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. Oh yeah.

Maple sugar roasted pork loin with short ribs and crispy sweet potatoes. Amazing.

Three tasty sorbets. By now we were super stuffed.

Delicious chocolate dessert platter. Unbeatable.

If you ever find yourself in Houston, we’d definitely recommend visiting Mark’s.

I don’t have any real candy, so

I’m alternating between fruit snacks, chocolate chips and Cafe Rio mints (and blogging) to keep myself awake right now. It’s not very late and I’m not especially tired, but something about tonight’s homework load is making me bored drowsy.

Important updates from our Thanksgiving weekend:

  • Lots of awesome food and family.
  • A little late-night shopping.
  • Practically no homework time.
  • An electric fireplace.
  • Amazing nachos.
Probably my favorite hotel room.
Probably Jords’ favorite grab-stuff-from-the-fridge creation ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We were incredibly lazy

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this weekend, but we still managed to do some stuff like pick up pizza and start a new TV series … like I said, incredibly lazy. It was a catch-up-on-sleep, finish-homework-before-Thanksgiving kind of weekend. Anyway, here’s ten things we loved:

  1. Brick Oven pizza & Miss Congeniality for date night (my turn to choose the Netflix)
  2. Brick Oven rootbeer (so good it gets its own line)
  3. Seeing Mel while she’s in town (it’s hard to share her with her in-laws)
  4. Moving our mattress into the living room for more comfortable TV-time
  5. Working on homework under the covers
  6. Eating fast food (a rarity for us lately)
  7. Chicken pot pie — a recent Sunday tradition
  8. Finding the perfect amount of flour in our favorite chocolate-and-peanut-butter chip cookies
  9. Late night grocery shopping
  10. Catching up on sleep (does this contradict #9?)

Catching up on thankful for’s:
Quirks (They make things interesting, but mostly they start with “q.”)
Rice — we ate rice for dinner at least three times a week all summer. (Delicious, but I’m so grateful for our meal plan now.)
Snow — in absolutely tiny-but-lovely quantities at Temple Square during Christmas or when I’m sledding.
Tower of the Americas in San An — where Jords and I became engaged. It’s kind of gorgeous and definitely delicious.

Photo here

I didn’t realize yesterday

that I could just save my Paris reminiscing for today and use it as my ‘thankful for.’

But that’s okay, because I also love
Psych — I know it’s super cliche in Provo, but Jords & I are just obsessed with it.

In other news, Jords had lasagna rolls ready for me last night, without even reading my blog! (Honestly, I’m not sure whether he knows the url, but I don’t mind a bit.) I’ve had at least one class canceled every day so far this week. (Let’s keep the pattern going, yes?) Today I made one of my favorite cookie batches. (Possibly because Jords brought home new peanut butter chocolate chips.) And I love my job.

15 things I wish

I could do right now:

  1. Ride with Jords to the aiport pick up his sis, yay!
  2. Roadtrip to California, just for kicks
  3. Or Vegas. Or Italy. Wherever.
  4. Taste test these crispy southwest chicken wraps
  5. And these lovely strawberries
  6. Find and start reading Crossed (I liked Matched pretty well, but I’m excited to see if the sequel picks up a little)
  7. Shop at the new H&M
  8. Go to RIPPED
  9. Cheer at BYU’s bball game
  10. Buy a Jamba (I might actually do this one)
  11. Eat one of these lasagna rolls (Can you tell I’m hungry?)
  12. Watch an episode of “Once Upon a Time
  13. Skype my sisters
  14. Go jogging (maybe to buy a Jamba?)
  15. Be finished with homework

And three things I’m thankful for, to make up for my missed days:

My momma. And my dad. They’re lifesavers. (The “my” is cheating, but “momma” counts.)
November. Lovely weather, a favorite holiday, almost done with the semester, etc.
Optometry. I have cute glasses, it’s true.

I’m also grateful for Paris, and wish we could go back. Half-empty or half-full?

This weekend we decided to be social.

But first, my ‘thankful for’ of the day:
Licorice — I don’t understand how it works or why it’s edible, but it’s tasty and I love it. Weird.

Jords & I used this weekend to prove we can actually be social; I feel like the last couple weekends have been full of work and homework. (Like filming a group project commercial on a Saturday night, for instance. Lamesauce.) BUT this week we did better.

And we made this:

Ignore the scary-looking knife in this photo. Recipe here

And these:

Adorable, yes?

With lots of awesome people. We had a blast.

A new record for the day:

I made it from my apartment to the fourth floor of the JKB in 11 minutes. Let me just say, jogging up a long flight of stairs with a decently heavy backpack is not my favorite thing to do on Friday morning. I really need to get up earlier / get ready faster. (Probably get ready faster.)

In other news, I have another G thing to be thankful for today — Groupon!  Jords found one for Awful Waffle; we’ve been wanting to try it and we had free Groupon points so we’re set.

Anyway, today I’m thankful for …
Jords. Surprised? I’ll spare you the mushiness, but he’s a perfect husband and best friend.
Kraft Mac & Cheese. Honestly, one of our favorite meals this summer was mixing a box of Phineas & Ferb- or Cars-shaped mac & cheese with a box of spirals. (That was before we got all professional and pinteresty. But we still default sometimes.) It’s the perfect texture and it’s tasty.

Also, here’s a pretty song:

Why do days feel like eternities,

yet weeks pass by in minutes?

I remember realizing during my freshman year that college is a time-warp, and it really is still true. Maybe just because college life is so busy?  Time just seems to fly. Anyway, I really meant to do one of these yesterday, but here I am playing catchup already …

Houston, Texas — my family moved there after my sophomore year of high school, and though I didn’t love the timing then, I definitely love it now. Houston has the sweetest people, fantastic shopping, delicious food, tons of fun activities, and it’s where I met my marvelous husband.
Italian food is easily my favorite. (Hello, gelato??) Since we’ve been to London & Paris now, my new dream is to go to Italy.

My Thankful For’s

Cheesy, awful title, I know. Sometimes writing headlines at work steals my creativity.

Anyway, I love reading all the posts from bloggers who are thinking of one thing a day to feel grateful for, so I’m going to play copycat and try to do the same thing.  My twist is that for personal motivation/inspiration, I’m going to try to do it according to the alphabet.  Think it’ll work?  Yeah, me neither, honestly.  But we’ll see how it goes.

Catching up for the first seven days of November:

Apple sauce. Don’t know why, but it’s one of my favorite fake-healthy snacks.
Brownies, of any kind, flavor, shape, frosted or not, baked or not, I just love them. (Especially Ghirardelli’s double chocolate. Yum!)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The. I know this gospel is true and I’m grateful my whole life revolves around it.
Date nights every Friday with Jords; so grateful we rarely work weekends.
Exercise. Ripped, Zumba, jogging, whatever. Now that I only have time to go to BYU’s fitness classes on Saturdays, I’m extra grateful for them.
Family — the extended fam, the in-laws, my parents, my sisters, and Jords. Extra grateful to have them all forever (double points in Scattergories?).
Girlfriends — my sisters & sisters-in-law, my besties, new wardies, old roommies.  Sometimes girl time just rocks, ya know?