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spring rolls and storage wars

This weekend felt perfectly balanced between entertainment and R&R. The aching brain feeling I had by Friday, combined with unusually sore leg muscles, indicated I spent too much time last week studying and climbing stairs.

Luckily, tasty food and a good movie can cure anything.

Spring rolls - via

On Friday night, Jords and I splurged a bit at Thaifoon, a delicious “Taste of Asia” restaurant in Gateway. We ordered spring rolls, crispy coconut shrimp AND jasmine fried rice with chicken and pork. Even though we could only stuff ourselves with about half the meal, every bite was delicious. And still delicious for dinner last night. And for lunch today. Leftovers are practically heaven-sent in our busy, college kids’ perspectives.

After dinner, we definitely watched some “Storage Wars: Texas” and laughed a lot.


Here's an oldie, since we managed to spend more than four hours together without taking a picture.

On Saturday, I had a breakfast/shopping date with my bestie Kaila. We ate at IHOP (an ancient tradition) and bought the same polka dotted skirt. The matching thing seems to be a pattern. Observe:

Little freshies with matching scarves -- looks like we haven't changed much

After spending some much-needed time with Kaila (we hadn’t seen each other in at least three months and it might be that long again or longer!), I went to a darling baby shower for my sister-in-law and brand new niece! Such fun to spend time with fam.

Meanwhile, Jords was busy fleshing out his acting portfolio with a role as a Japanese game show host. He’s a natural. I so wish I had a picture of this one, for me and for you.

Saturday night, we hit the gym (just for a little bit) and rented a red box. Jords suggested The Help, which I somehow managed to not see in theaters (a total shame), and it was amazing! I probably gagged for ten full minutes surrounding the “terrible awful” part, but it was so good I loved it anyway. I don’t know how I’m so behind on movies, we’re usually pretty on top of those.

Goes to show how busy we are, I guess.


This weekend we decided to be social.

But first, my ‘thankful for’ of the day:
Licorice — I don’t understand how it works or why it’s edible, but it’s tasty and I love it. Weird.

Jords & I used this weekend to prove we can actually be social; I feel like the last couple weekends have been full of work and homework. (Like filming a group project commercial on a Saturday night, for instance. Lamesauce.) BUT this week we did better.

And we made this:

Ignore the scary-looking knife in this photo. Recipe here

And these:

Adorable, yes?

With lots of awesome people. We had a blast.

A new record for the day:

I made it from my apartment to the fourth floor of the JKB in 11 minutes. Let me just say, jogging up a long flight of stairs with a decently heavy backpack is not my favorite thing to do on Friday morning. I really need to get up earlier / get ready faster. (Probably get ready faster.)

In other news, I have another G thing to be thankful for today — Groupon!  Jords found one for Awful Waffle; we’ve been wanting to try it and we had free Groupon points so we’re set.

Anyway, today I’m thankful for …
Jords. Surprised? I’ll spare you the mushiness, but he’s a perfect husband and best friend.
Kraft Mac & Cheese. Honestly, one of our favorite meals this summer was mixing a box of Phineas & Ferb- or Cars-shaped mac & cheese with a box of spirals. (That was before we got all professional and pinteresty. But we still default sometimes.) It’s the perfect texture and it’s tasty.

Also, here’s a pretty song:

Today is our six month mark

and we’re celebrating, somehow! (Maybe by going tanning? Actually, we’re kind of anti-fakebake, but looking at this picture and how pasty I am now almost makes me want to reconsider.)

Jords is working that convention again all day today so probably we’ll end up counting last night’s date as our six month celebration, which is still awesome.  We’ve been missing the movie theater (after going at least weekly all summer) so we did a classic dinner & movie last night at Red Robin and In Time. Delicious and fun, for sure.

Funny thing is, I feel like we’ve been married way longer than six months. Our single lives just seems like ages ago — and honestly, neither of us misses it. Being married is a blast 🙂 and there’s nothing better than having such a perfect & permanent best friend.

Would you rather …

take Physical Science 100 with like a thousand freshman or not graduate?  As I study for the first science test I’ve had in like four years (okay that’s not totally true, somewhere in my repressed memories I took Bio last Fall), I can’t quite decide …

Actually, there really are some aspects of science I think are completely fascinating.  It’s interesting to learn about the ways in which the world works — especially at BYU, where my TA brings up the Pearl of Great Price to explain the general theory of relativity.  Love it.  It’s just right now I’m cramming for an exam on a night when I’d rather be baking brownies with my hubby … but that would make any test for any subject awful, right?

I’m thinkin’ I might take a break and test the chemical potential energy in these lovelies:

photo from nattybydesign

I haven’t tried the recipe, but I sure want to!

we’re all in the mood for a melody

Billy Joel will forever be “the piano man” for me.  But let’s be honest, Jon Schmidt is amazing and I try never to miss his concerts if I can help it. Sierra & Jared came with us yesterday to Thanksgiving Point to check out JSchmidt’s latest funny mashups (“Don’t Worry Be Psycho,” for instance), some of his most famous (“Love Story Meets Viva La Vida”), and a few new ones that I need to investigate further.
Some random shots from before the show:

… and then we remembered we were there for a concert, and not just to take pointless photos …

and although the photo isn’t as awesome, the concert definitely was.  Our whole day yesterday was amazing, actually.  We went to a sweet baby blessing on Jordan’s side (she’s seriously such a precious little girl — I’m trying not to be too sad that they chose one of my favorite baby names! does that make it off limits??) and loved seeing those fun fam members again.  I’m lucky to have tons of awesome in-laws. We also had a little party at our place (with taco pinwheels and 7-layer dip to give Si & I something to do during the first half) for the narrowly-scraped football victory before we ran off to the concert.  All in all, an awesome day!

Sadly, tomorrow we’ll have to pay … by spending our Labor Day doing homework.

it’s a toss up

{testing out the Instagram app and loving it}

Jords and I ate at Tiny Boxwoods yesterday — a delicious little restaurant right next to a gorgeous greenery. We’d recommend lunch more than dinner; Jordan said their buffalo burger is the best he’s ever had, but oh so sadly they only serve it for lunch. Honestly though, I mostly go for the cookies; we’ve been trying to choose a number one favorite cookie lately, and these definitely make the list. (Why we don’t have a photo, you ask? I’m a pathetic excuse for a blogger.)

Also yesterday, my sister and I tried out some French manicures — she decided that it just might be worth $360 a year (we found an inexpensive place (plus we had a giftcard)) to get them done every three weeks. It’s nice they can make your real nails look that pretty; we’re afraid of fungi that like little plastic fingernail-sized greenhouses (something you have to think about in a good-for-your-skin-but-nothing-else humid climate).
Also also yesterday, we threw a going-away party for one of my sister’s friends — we’re going to miss our fantastic neighbors so much!

Gotta try it

Things I love …
1) Bumming around after work with Hubs
2) National ice cream month
Jords & I went to the Blue Bell ice cream factory for our day-date last week. Not only did we tour the place, we also learned of a new flavor that has chunks of chocolate chip cookies AND pecan brownies AND chocolate covered cake with a swirl of chocolate sauce. See? Says so right on the container.

Photo c/o NWA Online
Probably my new favorite ice cream, even though cookies & cream was really hard to beat. Yum!
PS Why do tons of newlywed blogs revolve around eating? I’m totally guilty of it and I’m not sure why — maybe it’s just that most girls aren’t used to eating as much as most guys do. Who knows. Food for thought.

Sometimes …

our lives revolve around food. Or all the time, really.
{That thought always reminds me of Over the Hedge, which movie was saved by a love for Ben Folds.}
For instance, last Friday’s date night involved going to this giant grocery store

{like literally giant — it extends way farther to the right than this photo shows}
and enrolling in their cooking school for a night
{c/o a bridal shower gift from Jordan’s fantastic family}.

We made lettuce wraps, beef fried rice, shrimp with lobster sauce and pepper steak — pretty much our taste buds lived happily ever after.
Let’s just pretend that earlier that same week, I didn’t eat these amazing tacos from Freebirds {easily tied with Cafe Rio in my brain, but just the tacos} on the same day as I had Orange Leaf and gourmet hot dogs.
Was it a bad week or a good week? I guess it depends on whether you let the scale decide.


Some things that have happened lately, starting with:

Sierra’s graduation!
Of course, she technically graduated a semester early and spent it with me at BYU, but it was still exciting to watch her walk with her senior class.
Isn’t she lovely? Congrats, Si!

Jords & I had our one-month anniversary! Cheesy? Yeah, for sure.
But still exciting.

Last weekend, I realized how little I have going on in my life —
Hubs was working
Two sisters were babysitting
Another sister had a birthday party
A fourth sister had a friend staying the weekend
And my parents had a party
So …
I convinced the sister & friend
to celebrate National Burger Weekend with me

At Five Guys, of course! Yum.

Earlier that day, Jords & I spent our weekly day-date with his family at an amazing Asian restaurant and went shopping at our favorite grocery store, Central Market. Don’t these turtle cheesecakes look amazing?
I’m lucky to have such wonderful family and friends!