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a working girl’s wishes

Today I’m pretending my biggest post-graduation dilemma will be what to wear to work. (Real dilemmas may include, but are not limited to, finding the right job, decorating an unfurnished apartment, cooking on a regular basis, etc.)

Today I also turned off all the lights in my apartment at 3:30 p.m., turned the heater on full blast and took a quick catnap on the couch. (Jords would make fun of me for saying, “catnap.” Go figure.) It was surprisingly refreshing — I always pretend those power naps work for me, but I usually wake up even more groggy.

Anyway, as part of my wishful, dreamlike state today

here’s 5 items I’d love to own before I graduate and start a real job:

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A list

of “productive” things to do when I’m avoiding homework:

Cook. Or bake, or eat. I used to cook for just me all the time — why does it seem pointless now to make anything but Mac & Cheese when Jords isn’t home?  (Except we are completely out of milk, so looks like it’s Ramen for me.)

Clean. Organize, straighten, deep-clean, dust; the possibilities are endless and time-consuming. Our apartment’s more of a disaster than I think we’ve ever seen it — I guess that’s what we get for doing research papers (books everywhere), art projects (magnet boards and glue in the way), laundry (too awful to talk about), and not dishes (but we made a yummy peanut butter treat!) all in the same week that we both had work and lots of school.

Hit the gym. Or play Kinect sports. Or try to jog outside in the freezing cold air. I’ve been lacking in workout time (I miss you, Si!) since I started my new job so I got myself out of bed this morning with the determination to fit some exercise in.  Easily one of my favorite ways to start the day. (After cuddling, of course.)

Nap. Ranging anywhere from five minutes to a couple of hours, this is possibly my favorite and most flexible option. Weekends are especially good for catching up on sleep, right? I love when Jords calls me on his way home from work (in the middle of the afternoon, usually about 4pm) and says, “Oh sorry, did I wake you?” when I answer.  I need to develop a better non-groggy voice.

Read. Books, blogs, news. I recently checked out my first for-fun book from the BYU library — Matched, by Ally Condie. Reading is good for the brain and therefore counts as productive, right? Even if it’s young adult literature? And has nothing to do with my schoolwork?

Edit. Okay, this may be equivalent to doing homework. However, I’m doing a mini copy editing internship this semester for an academic journal, and I really love it — sometimes even cures writer’s block.

Laundry. Collecting, washing, drying, ironing, hanging, folding — Honestly, I’d probably pick homework over this one.  Luckily, Jords did laundry for us this week, or else it’d be all over the floor. (Oh wait, it’s still piled on the floor, but at least it’s clean.)

Blog. And here we are — I’m cold and I can’t focus on my research paper right now, so where do I turn? To some extra blankets, Ramen noodles, and my laptop. Love it.

Happy Saturday!  I wish you all tons of fun “productive” activities for the weekend.

Last night I had writer’s block

in a serious way. Not like “Shoot, I’ve procrastinated this paper and now I’m stressed about writing it.” No, more like, “Shoot, I’ve procrastinated this paper and now I’m so stressed about writing it that I’m counting down how many hours until it’s due over and over again instead of putting any words on this awful blank page.”

It was bad. I had ideas but couldn’t focus them, I had a quasi-thesis that definitely left much to be desired, and I had exactly one paragraph of vague content (with good grammar, at least I had that going).

Luckily, I’m married to a liar who claims he can’t write. The man sat me down, listened to my ideas (slash issues), helped put my thesis into words, then threatened to tickle me if I didn’t start writing in five seconds. It worked, and this morning I turned in a lovely paper that I felt proud of, despite my rough start.

Thank goodness for helpful husbands.

maybe publicizing a to-do list will motivate me

but let’s be honest, really the handwritten to-do list is just a “productive” excuse to stall studying, and scanning it in and posting it online just helps it take longer.
Tomorrow morning I’m sure I’ll be all over this.  But today is still the weekend, and a little extra sleep sounds great …
In other news, the LDS Relief Society General Broadcast was amazing.  I’m re-inspired to read the lovely new “Daughters in My Kingdom” book cover-to-cover, and I’ll never look at forget-me-not flowers the same way again. So good!

Would you rather …

take Physical Science 100 with like a thousand freshman or not graduate?  As I study for the first science test I’ve had in like four years (okay that’s not totally true, somewhere in my repressed memories I took Bio last Fall), I can’t quite decide …

Actually, there really are some aspects of science I think are completely fascinating.  It’s interesting to learn about the ways in which the world works — especially at BYU, where my TA brings up the Pearl of Great Price to explain the general theory of relativity.  Love it.  It’s just right now I’m cramming for an exam on a night when I’d rather be baking brownies with my hubby … but that would make any test for any subject awful, right?

I’m thinkin’ I might take a break and test the chemical potential energy in these lovelies:

photo from nattybydesign

I haven’t tried the recipe, but I sure want to!

maybe I’m just a comms major

but these really make me giggle. I’m taking a publication design class this semester and my professor introduced us to some of Jay Leno’s funny headlines from The Tonight Show. See if you can find what’s up with these designs …
Sometimes you just don’t step back and really read what you’re writing (or which pictures you’re putting next to which stories), ya know?  I think I enjoyed these so much because I can really relate to them — I started college as an English major and now I’m studying journalism, and I keep re-learning how important it is to edit my stuff, especially if it’s gonna be published.  So please forgive me if I ever post anything weird or off on here — promise it’s (most likely) unintentional!


It’s day two of school, and I just stopped reading my textbook and got out of bed (I was only in there because I felt cold, okay?) to find my phone. Instead, I ended up tasting calories from a bunch of treats my sweet new RS presidency brought me, only to discover that my phone was already in my bed … could I be subconsciously stalling already? This is looking like a looong semester.