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Today I’m reminiscing about summertime. Possibly because it’s a gorgeous day; sunny, light breeze, lovely temperature for a winter month. Possibly because I love and miss that beautiful dog. Also possibly because sometimes I like to think back and see how my life unfolded to bring me to this point.

Summer recap

Recap from summer of '11

If you count things in terms of summers, they never seem as long ago.

Summer of ’06 – 15; babysitting; friends, friends, friends; hangouts at malls; looking forward to high school, cell phone, driving, dating

Summer of ’07 – 16; moved away from friends; sister bonding; lots of lifeguarding; dreading high school; looking forward to graduation

Summer of ’08 – 17; more lifeguarding; loved babysitting; loved sisters; ACT/SAT; looking forward to yearbook staff, graduation, college

Summer of ’09 – 18; coaching swim team; private swim lessons; weekend park job; college, college, college; looking forward to roommates, busy social life, college classes

Summer of ’10 – 19; loved swim team; loved swim students; lots of dating; extra sister time; looking forward to reunion with roommate, starting Comms major, deciding how I feel about “this guy”

Summer of ’11 – 20; married; more coaching; super fun swim lessons; family time; baby(and dog)sitting; cooking attempts; looking forward to London/Paris honeymoon, college graduation, eternity

Isn’t that crazy to think about?

Just six (almost seven) summers ago, I was 15 and wishing I had a cell phone. This coming summer, I’ll be graduated from college, working full-time and living in Idaho with the man of my dreams.

Who knew?


new furniture and the same old ramen

I’ll be the first to admit

I’ve gone through phases of addiction to Facebook, Pinterest, blogging and a brief fling with Twitter. But now that I’m old and mature and married (ha if only), I’m going through a KSL phase.

Really though, it’s equally addicting.

Jords and I will have conversations after work like thus:

J: Did you see that one couch …?

M: That dropped down to $170? Yeah.

J: Good thing we didn’t buy it for $220.

M: And did you see the new microfiber …?

J: In Lehi? Oh yeah. Can you believe that one hide-a-bed was asking [insert high price for an ancient, patterned hide-a-bed couch]?

And on it goes, with or without context. Nothing on KSL gets past either of us lately.

But anyway,

Tonight Jords and I got killer deals on a comfy microfiber couch and a trendy two-toned counter-height square table. The night ended well, but the process took way longer than we’d planned … hence the ramen for date night dinner. Maybe we’ll make it up tomorrow with an Olive Garden lunch. I’ve been craving the unlimited soup & salad for a while.

it’s nice to have a husband

1. so it doesn’t really matter what you wear on the first day of school
2. so there’s someone to build a bookshelf for your apartment
We love our new place! We’re so grateful to our generous friends and family members; their gift cards have gone such a long way in helping us start our own little home. It’s still got a long way to go (empty frames and blank walls are in style, right?) but we’ve had so much fun putting a few things together.

I’ve decided

that you appreciate things like plastic plates and dishwashers even more when you have six kids. Right now we have six kids, and we’d for sure be drowning if we had to do anything extra by hand.

a borrowed life

Jords pointed out the other day how much of our life right now is borrowed.
1) We’re house sitting for a neighbor while they travel around Europe.
{how nice is that? gorgeous house, free rent!}
2) I just trained for a job that I’ll be doing for one week while its real owner trains in Salt Lake.
3) We’re dog sitting the best dog {pronounced ‘dawg’ by Jords} on the planet.
4) We’re only in town for the summer, so we’ve also been borrowing church callings and assignments — the last three Sundays we’ve subbed for different Primary & Sunday School classes. So fun!
our new family photo

All we need now are some borrowed babies … oh wait, this weekend we’ll have those, too!
Much thanks to all of our lovely lenders. We’d be extra poor without you.