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I have this problem

where I can’t handle looking at the same blog design for very long.  I’ve tried changing up my last layout a whole bunch of times, just to revert back to it after deciding the changes still aren’t my fave.  It’s too bad rearranging a blog layout isn’t as easy as changing my desktop photo … anyway, maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in a bit. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been positively swamped with pinterest midterms. (Speaking of, the word “midterm” doesn’t sound nearly test-y enough.) Or maybe it’s because I use my free time to watch Psych with Hubs as a reward for finishing schoolwork and homework and such.

In any case, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, so here’s to a mini recap:

Last weekend, we …. caught up on homework and visited the cornmaze with some awesome family.
This week, we … tried our first real pinterest recipe and figured out our plane tickets for Christmas, yay!
Today, we … spent nearly all day apart (between work and school and midterms), but Jords surprised me with a completely spotless apartment AND dinner.  Wow??

So, we’ve been pretty busy with non-exciting things.  I can’t even find the awesome picture of Jords in the stocks to share with you.  Tune in next time, though, for a (hopefully) more exciting / inspiring / thought-provoking post.


oh, P.S.

Paying homage to my seventh grade math class, here’s my make-a-flake for the night:

Try it out, it’s a blast.

just about a decade behind

*imaginary drum roll in my head*
Introducing the nerdy side of my husband:
(it’s much more prevalent than we typically admit)

Anyway (dramatic entrance over with) the nerdy side of Jords brings out the nerdy side in me. Probably because he’s so into this book he’s reading right now that I’m practically reading it, too. (You’ve had fair warning, feel free to run from this post.)

Anyway2, sharing pieces of this book has (unintentionally on Hubs’ part) humbled me a bit. The author, Malcolm Gladwell, talks about how it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert at it. He said it takes about ten years to clock those hours of practice.

His example? Bill Gates. (Told you I’m on a techie kick.)
“By the time Gates dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year to try his hand at his own software company … he was way past ten thousand hours,” (from Gladwell’s The Outliers).
His other example? Mozart. People talk about how good he was when he was six and then jump to his masterpieces in his twenties, because it took him all the years in between to practice.
Here comes the humility — I’m not sure I can think of anything that I’ve intentionally focused on for over a decade of my double-decade life. Have I even been shaving my legs for that long? I’m thinkin’ not. Maybe I’m lacking a particular passion in my life. Or maybe I need to pick up knitting, now. We’ll see.

On a similar nerdy note, who thinks Hubs should buy me a blackberry playbook? I like that they multitask.

photo from Google images

Start a limbo line

You know that time at the very end of the day when you really should go to bed, you really want to go to bed, and sometimes you are even laying in bed but rather than sleeping you’re unwinding by reading the news online {him} or playing with photoshop {her}? Hubs nicknamed that time, “limbo.”

Well lately, rather than plaguing the internet with more wedding photo edits, I’ve used my limbo time to experiment with the digital scrapbooking phenomenon. I kind of love it, and it’s about a billion times easier and less expensive than the lovely traditional kind (although I have to admit, it is hard to say goodbye to papercuts and glued fingers and spilled glitter, I really do love those memory-preserving battle wounds).

But anyway, I made a bunch of simple 4×6 .jpg files, got them printed for nine cents and slid them into my scrapbooking refill pages — piece of cake way to tell the full wedding story amidst all my favorite photos (since I had to whittle my favorites down to only 65 with 15 alternates for the official wedding album).

This method is especially convenient for photos that aren’t the best quality, as demonstrated above, because they don’t have to stretch to fill the full 4×6.
Or it’s a nice alternative when trying to decide between getting every photo printed and demonstrating self-control (take that, shoulder angels).

My initial motivation was just to use it for journaling, and although this print is a bit gray, it definitely serves the purpose.

I’m for sure still learning how to make these look even a little bit decent, but it’s fun, and cheap! I’ve spent only $2.87 on digital scrapbooking supplies, and those were mostly papers. Everything else is free! (So even if these aren’t that cute, let’s pretend, eh?)

(Special thanks to Divine Digital‘s lovely designers for their D-A-D and to Shabby Princess for their free kits — I think that’s where most of these lovely embellishments came from.)