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maybe publicizing a to-do list will motivate me

but let’s be honest, really the handwritten to-do list is just a “productive” excuse to stall studying, and scanning it in and posting it online just helps it take longer.
Tomorrow morning I’m sure I’ll be all over this.  But today is still the weekend, and a little extra sleep sounds great …
In other news, the LDS Relief Society General Broadcast was amazing.  I’m re-inspired to read the lovely new “Daughters in My Kingdom” book cover-to-cover, and I’ll never look at forget-me-not flowers the same way again. So good!

today I took the perfect nap

as the rain fell softly outside my window and a just-cool-enough breeze blew in. The chill forced me under the covers and I knew my attempts to read from my physical science textbook (okay, maybe I was browsing the web) were doomed — so I set my alarm and succumbed to a half hour sleep instead.

That is, until Jords came in, stuffed a cookie in my mouth and dropped a pillow on my head.  He’s such a nap ruiner. Luckily (for him) he made up for it a teensy bit by enjoying the perfectness with me for a minute or two afterward.

I love rainy days. (Too bad today was majorly spoiled by BYU letting UT own them in the second half. There’s always next time, right?)

Start a limbo line

You know that time at the very end of the day when you really should go to bed, you really want to go to bed, and sometimes you are even laying in bed but rather than sleeping you’re unwinding by reading the news online {him} or playing with photoshop {her}? Hubs nicknamed that time, “limbo.”

Well lately, rather than plaguing the internet with more wedding photo edits, I’ve used my limbo time to experiment with the digital scrapbooking phenomenon. I kind of love it, and it’s about a billion times easier and less expensive than the lovely traditional kind (although I have to admit, it is hard to say goodbye to papercuts and glued fingers and spilled glitter, I really do love those memory-preserving battle wounds).

But anyway, I made a bunch of simple 4×6 .jpg files, got them printed for nine cents and slid them into my scrapbooking refill pages — piece of cake way to tell the full wedding story amidst all my favorite photos (since I had to whittle my favorites down to only 65 with 15 alternates for the official wedding album).

This method is especially convenient for photos that aren’t the best quality, as demonstrated above, because they don’t have to stretch to fill the full 4×6.
Or it’s a nice alternative when trying to decide between getting every photo printed and demonstrating self-control (take that, shoulder angels).

My initial motivation was just to use it for journaling, and although this print is a bit gray, it definitely serves the purpose.

I’m for sure still learning how to make these look even a little bit decent, but it’s fun, and cheap! I’ve spent only $2.87 on digital scrapbooking supplies, and those were mostly papers. Everything else is free! (So even if these aren’t that cute, let’s pretend, eh?)

(Special thanks to Divine Digital‘s lovely designers for their D-A-D and to Shabby Princess for their free kits — I think that’s where most of these lovely embellishments came from.)

Scrap that

Wondering why this post starts with more wedding photos after I promised to lay off? Even worse, it’s actually pretty much the same wedding photos, just stuck together in a four-second-long photoshop job.

Well, it’s because my photos haven’t come in yet.
Turns out you can get pretty darn cheap prints, but only if you’re willing to wait. And wait. I was happy and willing when I saw the order total, but now not so much.
I don’t even want to do any serious scrapbooking — my style is just kinda sticking them into those fabulous perforated refill pages, with a cute 4×6 or two to describe the details. I used to have more ambition than that — but I still have an unfinished scrapbook of a ninth grade trip to Mexico, so there you go.