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spring rolls and storage wars

This weekend felt perfectly balanced between entertainment and R&R. The aching brain feeling I had by Friday, combined with unusually sore leg muscles, indicated I spent too much time last week studying and climbing stairs.

Luckily, tasty food and a good movie can cure anything.

Spring rolls - via

On Friday night, Jords and I splurged a bit at Thaifoon, a delicious “Taste of Asia” restaurant in Gateway. We ordered spring rolls, crispy coconut shrimp AND jasmine fried rice with chicken and pork. Even though we could only stuff ourselves with about half the meal, every bite was delicious. And still delicious for dinner last night. And for lunch today. Leftovers are practically heaven-sent in our busy, college kids’ perspectives.

After dinner, we definitely watched some “Storage Wars: Texas” and laughed a lot.


Here's an oldie, since we managed to spend more than four hours together without taking a picture.

On Saturday, I had a breakfast/shopping date with my bestie Kaila. We ate at IHOP (an ancient tradition) and bought the same polka dotted skirt. The matching thing seems to be a pattern. Observe:

Little freshies with matching scarves -- looks like we haven't changed much

After spending some much-needed time with Kaila (we hadn’t seen each other in at least three months and it might be that long again or longer!), I went to a darling baby shower for my sister-in-law and brand new niece! Such fun to spend time with fam.

Meanwhile, Jords was busy fleshing out his acting portfolio with a role as a Japanese game show host. He’s a natural. I so wish I had a picture of this one, for me and for you.

Saturday night, we hit the gym (just for a little bit) and rented a red box. Jords suggested The Help, which I somehow managed to not see in theaters (a total shame), and it was amazing! I probably gagged for ten full minutes surrounding the “terrible awful” part, but it was so good I loved it anyway. I don’t know how I’m so behind on movies, we’re usually pretty on top of those.

Goes to show how busy we are, I guess.


breathe in, breathe out

Three days of midterms and interviews.

Three days of eating fast-or-basically-fast food, studying my mind out and riding many hours in the car.

Three days of realizing life experiences really do build on each other, and people enter each others’ lives at the right times for reasons later understood.

This weekend, my plan is to sleep extra much, watch at least five movies with Jords, grab high-calorie food with my sister, and probably shop. Maybe hit the gym, but more as a stress-relief than a weight-release. Some weeks are just exhausting, ya know? Even if they are only three days long.

Image source

a working girl’s wishes

Today I’m pretending my biggest post-graduation dilemma will be what to wear to work. (Real dilemmas may include, but are not limited to, finding the right job, decorating an unfurnished apartment, cooking on a regular basis, etc.)

Today I also turned off all the lights in my apartment at 3:30 p.m., turned the heater on full blast and took a quick catnap on the couch. (Jords would make fun of me for saying, “catnap.” Go figure.) It was surprisingly refreshing — I always pretend those power naps work for me, but I usually wake up even more groggy.

Anyway, as part of my wishful, dreamlike state today

here’s 5 items I’d love to own before I graduate and start a real job:

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This handsome man

is starting training today.  Not gonna lie, I’m already missing the rides to class and the sugary strawberry slices snuck into my lunch.  I’ve been pampered, that’s for sure.

(Notice his I’m-smiling-because-I-have-to pose)
Luckily, early morning training hours only last for a couple of weeks and then he starts his regular shift, which worked out to be almost exactly the same as when I’m on campus for class everyday.  I’m so glad I don’t have to sacrifice him or our new obsession with Psych just yet.

t-minus sixty minutes

Remember how I mentioned something about babysitting a weekend or so ago? Jords and I became the proud parents of six children for four days while their parents enjoyed a fitness resort in California (I know that sounds fake — who would take a vacation from six kids at a fitness resort? Only these awesome people). I’m really close with this family and we absolutely love these kids.
Even so, I’ve gotta admit, they wore us out. We don’t know how their parents do it. Kids just unconsciously (and let’s be honest, sometimes consciously) beat you up, ya know? Here’s a painful example:

I’m so grateful to my sister for snapping photos fast enough to catch my expression as this little cutie’s floaty attacked me. (Let’s remember kids, violence isn’t the answer to over-eager babysitters.)

But anyway, today marks the end of our working summer and the beginning of our honeymoon tour across London & Paris! We can’t wait!

a borrowed life

Jords pointed out the other day how much of our life right now is borrowed.
1) We’re house sitting for a neighbor while they travel around Europe.
{how nice is that? gorgeous house, free rent!}
2) I just trained for a job that I’ll be doing for one week while its real owner trains in Salt Lake.
3) We’re dog sitting the best dog {pronounced ‘dawg’ by Jords} on the planet.
4) We’re only in town for the summer, so we’ve also been borrowing church callings and assignments — the last three Sundays we’ve subbed for different Primary & Sunday School classes. So fun!
our new family photo

All we need now are some borrowed babies … oh wait, this weekend we’ll have those, too!
Much thanks to all of our lovely lenders. We’d be extra poor without you.

Just keep swimming

Swim coaching is basically one of the best jobs out there, and I have the best summer league swim team ever to come home to each summer.
It takes up tons of time (practice everyday and meets on Saturdays)
but just look at these lovely girls —
who wouldn’t want to be with them all the time?

Our team is going on its third undefeated season (cross my fingers — this Saturday’s gonna be a tough one). Here’s the aftermath of the the kids’ tradition of pushing the coaches in every time we win. Jords agreed to a dirty deal that let him throw me in, and ended up in the pool fully dressed!

Here’s the before picture — isn’t he cute even with his eyes closed?