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countdown to cute dresses

Some days everything seems to go a tiny bit wrong. In some ways, those days are harder than when one thing goes hugely wrong. Because at least when one thing goes hugely wrong, you can justifiably curl up on the couch, turn on your most ridiculous favorite TLC show and eat mint brownie chocolate ice cream. And that makes everything better.

In other news, only approximately 31 days until graduation.

Which is the kind of news that also makes everything better. One of my coworkers updates us on the countdown nearly every day. She says it bugs her husband, but I love it.

Speaking of graduation, do people buy graduation dresses in college? I know that was a thing in high school, but is it just a high school thing? In case it isn’t, here are two I kind of love:


breathe in, breathe out

Three days of midterms and interviews.

Three days of eating fast-or-basically-fast food, studying my mind out and riding many hours in the car.

Three days of realizing life experiences really do build on each other, and people enter each others’ lives at the right times for reasons later understood.

This weekend, my plan is to sleep extra much, watch at least five movies with Jords, grab high-calorie food with my sister, and probably shop. Maybe hit the gym, but more as a stress-relief than a weight-release. Some weeks are just exhausting, ya know? Even if they are only three days long.

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a working girl’s wishes

Today I’m pretending my biggest post-graduation dilemma will be what to wear to work. (Real dilemmas may include, but are not limited to, finding the right job, decorating an unfurnished apartment, cooking on a regular basis, etc.)

Today I also turned off all the lights in my apartment at 3:30 p.m., turned the heater on full blast and took a quick catnap on the couch. (Jords would make fun of me for saying, “catnap.” Go figure.) It was surprisingly refreshing — I always pretend those power naps work for me, but I usually wake up even more groggy.

Anyway, as part of my wishful, dreamlike state today

here’s 5 items I’d love to own before I graduate and start a real job:

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‘Twas the week before finals …

I feel awful for even considering a comparison between Christmas and finals, but it just popped into my head, I swear. The contrast makes it valid … they’re exact opposites in levels of happiness and kinds of anticipation.

Honestly though, this week’s schedule is way busier than my plans for next week, mostly because this week involves parties, work AND deadlines, rather than just deadlines.

Some handy philosophies for this week:

  • Leftovers make the tastiest dinners.
  • It’s easier to crash in an unmade bed.
  • Dishes look better in a pile than books. Or homework. Or tests.

We were incredibly lazy

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this weekend, but we still managed to do some stuff like pick up pizza and start a new TV series … like I said, incredibly lazy. It was a catch-up-on-sleep, finish-homework-before-Thanksgiving kind of weekend. Anyway, here’s ten things we loved:

  1. Brick Oven pizza & Miss Congeniality for date night (my turn to choose the Netflix)
  2. Brick Oven rootbeer (so good it gets its own line)
  3. Seeing Mel while she’s in town (it’s hard to share her with her in-laws)
  4. Moving our mattress into the living room for more comfortable TV-time
  5. Working on homework under the covers
  6. Eating fast food (a rarity for us lately)
  7. Chicken pot pie — a recent Sunday tradition
  8. Finding the perfect amount of flour in our favorite chocolate-and-peanut-butter chip cookies
  9. Late night grocery shopping
  10. Catching up on sleep (does this contradict #9?)

Catching up on thankful for’s:
Quirks (They make things interesting, but mostly they start with “q.”)
Rice — we ate rice for dinner at least three times a week all summer. (Delicious, but I’m so grateful for our meal plan now.)
Snow — in absolutely tiny-but-lovely quantities at Temple Square during Christmas or when I’m sledding.
Tower of the Americas in San An — where Jords and I became engaged. It’s kind of gorgeous and definitely delicious.

Photo here

This weekend we decided to be social.

But first, my ‘thankful for’ of the day:
Licorice — I don’t understand how it works or why it’s edible, but it’s tasty and I love it. Weird.

Jords & I used this weekend to prove we can actually be social; I feel like the last couple weekends have been full of work and homework. (Like filming a group project commercial on a Saturday night, for instance. Lamesauce.) BUT this week we did better.

And we made this:

Ignore the scary-looking knife in this photo. Recipe here

And these:

Adorable, yes?

With lots of awesome people. We had a blast.

it’s beginning to look a lot like

cookies.  Not Christmas, not quite.  I love Christmas as much as anyone out there (and it’s my little sister’s birthday, which makes it quadruply fun) but I still believe in waiting to celebrate it until after Halloween for sure, and usually even after Thanksgiving. (Maybe I just need a longer/better Christmas music playlist? Or maybe I’m just never really in the mood for celebration until after finals? For whatever reason, my heart is two sizes too small…) So why the Christmas-themed cookies, you ask?

Jords has been looking for Cadbury eggs to try this recipe for a while (we’re talkin’ four to five months, they’re his favorite). So when he went to Walgreens tonight to buy some more Claritin (we go through it crazy fast, I swear I’ve never had allergies this bad in both Utah AND Texas until I got married. Could I be allergic to him??) and saw Christmas-colored ones, he couldn’t resist! It was a lucky move, too, because we hurried and made them real quick to ease the pain of not being able to watch the BYU game tonight (we don’t own the channel, apparently. Who knew?).

So anyway, we’re enjoying a less-than-exciting Saturday night of essaying rather than football, but at least we have delicious cookies to brighten our holiday spirits.