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spring rolls and storage wars

This weekend felt perfectly balanced between entertainment and R&R. The aching brain feeling I had by Friday, combined with unusually sore leg muscles, indicated I spent too much time last week studying and climbing stairs.

Luckily, tasty food and a good movie can cure anything.

Spring rolls - via

On Friday night, Jords and I splurged a bit at Thaifoon, a delicious “Taste of Asia” restaurant in Gateway. We ordered spring rolls, crispy coconut shrimp AND jasmine fried rice with chicken and pork. Even though we could only stuff ourselves with about half the meal, every bite was delicious. And still delicious for dinner last night. And for lunch today. Leftovers are practically heaven-sent in our busy, college kids’ perspectives.

After dinner, we definitely watched some “Storage Wars: Texas” and laughed a lot.


Here's an oldie, since we managed to spend more than four hours together without taking a picture.

On Saturday, I had a breakfast/shopping date with my bestie Kaila. We ate at IHOP (an ancient tradition) and bought the same polka dotted skirt. The matching thing seems to be a pattern. Observe:

Little freshies with matching scarves -- looks like we haven't changed much

After spending some much-needed time with Kaila (we hadn’t seen each other in at least three months and it might be that long again or longer!), I went to a darling baby shower for my sister-in-law and brand new niece! Such fun to spend time with fam.

Meanwhile, Jords was busy fleshing out his acting portfolio with a role as a Japanese game show host. He’s a natural. I so wish I had a picture of this one, for me and for you.

Saturday night, we hit the gym (just for a little bit) and rented a red box. Jords suggested The Help, which I somehow managed to not see in theaters (a total shame), and it was amazing! I probably gagged for ten full minutes surrounding the “terrible awful” part, but it was so good I loved it anyway. I don’t know how I’m so behind on movies, we’re usually pretty on top of those.

Goes to show how busy we are, I guess.


a Christmas story

I was flipping through Jords’ phone at old pictures today, and I found these delicious shots.

For Christmas, we decided to splurge on a gorgeous 1920s church-turned-restaurant in downtown Houston (and treat ourselves to a little alone time before Jords flew back for work) rather than buying each other presents. Best decision ever.

I’ll let the food speak for itself.

I don't think I'll ever find a better Caesar salad

To-die-for corn chowder

Pecan crusted chicken stuffed with smoked mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. Oh yeah.

Maple sugar roasted pork loin with short ribs and crispy sweet potatoes. Amazing.

Three tasty sorbets. By now we were super stuffed.

Delicious chocolate dessert platter. Unbeatable.

If you ever find yourself in Houston, we’d definitely recommend visiting Mark’s.

new furniture and the same old ramen

I’ll be the first to admit

I’ve gone through phases of addiction to Facebook, Pinterest, blogging and a brief fling with Twitter. But now that I’m old and mature and married (ha if only), I’m going through a KSL phase.

Really though, it’s equally addicting.

Jords and I will have conversations after work like thus:

J: Did you see that one couch …?

M: That dropped down to $170? Yeah.

J: Good thing we didn’t buy it for $220.

M: And did you see the new microfiber …?

J: In Lehi? Oh yeah. Can you believe that one hide-a-bed was asking [insert high price for an ancient, patterned hide-a-bed couch]?

And on it goes, with or without context. Nothing on KSL gets past either of us lately.

But anyway,

Tonight Jords and I got killer deals on a comfy microfiber couch and a trendy two-toned counter-height square table. The night ended well, but the process took way longer than we’d planned … hence the ramen for date night dinner. Maybe we’ll make it up tomorrow with an Olive Garden lunch. I’ve been craving the unlimited soup & salad for a while.

10 Things

Cheesecake image

I loved about this birthday weekend:

  1. Staying up ’til 4am watching TV (never happens anymore)
  2. The Brad Paisley concert (AMAZING. We almost went to Vegas for my 21st but chose this concert instead. Loved it. But Vegas is probably happening soon, too.)
  3. Sleeping in practically until noon
  4. Provo Bakery breakfast
  5. Jordan’s masterful apt. cleaning job
  6. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread (aka cake)
  7. Cards, calls, etc. from wonderful family & friends
  8. The Cheesecake Factory (Lemonade, delish dinner, cheesecake, worth the crazy long wait.)
  9. ‘Unbelievably delicious brownies’ (Gotta love skilled sisters.)
  10. Extremely nerdy moments (I’m sure this is old news, but we noticed this Cheesecake Factory vs. Lord of the Rings thing tonight and it cracked us up.)
Cheesecake Factory decor
Photo here

I didn’t realize yesterday

that I could just save my Paris reminiscing for today and use it as my ‘thankful for.’

But that’s okay, because I also love
Psych — I know it’s super cliche in Provo, but Jords & I are just obsessed with it.

In other news, Jords had lasagna rolls ready for me last night, without even reading my blog! (Honestly, I’m not sure whether he knows the url, but I don’t mind a bit.) I’ve had at least one class canceled every day so far this week. (Let’s keep the pattern going, yes?) Today I made one of my favorite cookie batches. (Possibly because Jords brought home new peanut butter chocolate chips.) And I love my job.

A new record for the day:

I made it from my apartment to the fourth floor of the JKB in 11 minutes. Let me just say, jogging up a long flight of stairs with a decently heavy backpack is not my favorite thing to do on Friday morning. I really need to get up earlier / get ready faster. (Probably get ready faster.)

In other news, I have another G thing to be thankful for today — Groupon!  Jords found one for Awful Waffle; we’ve been wanting to try it and we had free Groupon points so we’re set.

Anyway, today I’m thankful for …
Jords. Surprised? I’ll spare you the mushiness, but he’s a perfect husband and best friend.
Kraft Mac & Cheese. Honestly, one of our favorite meals this summer was mixing a box of Phineas & Ferb- or Cars-shaped mac & cheese with a box of spirals. (That was before we got all professional and pinteresty. But we still default sometimes.) It’s the perfect texture and it’s tasty.

Also, here’s a pretty song:

Last night I had writer’s block

in a serious way. Not like “Shoot, I’ve procrastinated this paper and now I’m stressed about writing it.” No, more like, “Shoot, I’ve procrastinated this paper and now I’m so stressed about writing it that I’m counting down how many hours until it’s due over and over again instead of putting any words on this awful blank page.”

It was bad. I had ideas but couldn’t focus them, I had a quasi-thesis that definitely left much to be desired, and I had exactly one paragraph of vague content (with good grammar, at least I had that going).

Luckily, I’m married to a liar who claims he can’t write. The man sat me down, listened to my ideas (slash issues), helped put my thesis into words, then threatened to tickle me if I didn’t start writing in five seconds. It worked, and this morning I turned in a lovely paper that I felt proud of, despite my rough start.

Thank goodness for helpful husbands.