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breathe in, breathe out

Three days of midterms and interviews.

Three days of eating fast-or-basically-fast food, studying my mind out and riding many hours in the car.

Three days of realizing life experiences really do build on each other, and people enter each others’ lives at the right times for reasons later understood.

This weekend, my plan is to sleep extra much, watch at least five movies with Jords, grab high-calorie food with my sister, and probably shop. Maybe hit the gym, but more as a stress-relief than a weight-release. Some weeks are just exhausting, ya know? Even if they are only three days long.

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a working girl’s wishes

Today I’m pretending my biggest post-graduation dilemma will be what to wear to work. (Real dilemmas may include, but are not limited to, finding the right job, decorating an unfurnished apartment, cooking on a regular basis, etc.)

Today I also turned off all the lights in my apartment at 3:30 p.m., turned the heater on full blast and took a quick catnap on the couch. (Jords would make fun of me for saying, “catnap.” Go figure.) It was surprisingly refreshing — I always pretend those power naps work for me, but I usually wake up even more groggy.

Anyway, as part of my wishful, dreamlike state today

here’s 5 items I’d love to own before I graduate and start a real job:

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‘Twas the week before finals …

I feel awful for even considering a comparison between Christmas and finals, but it just popped into my head, I swear. The contrast makes it valid … they’re exact opposites in levels of happiness and kinds of anticipation.

Honestly though, this week’s schedule is way busier than my plans for next week, mostly because this week involves parties, work AND deadlines, rather than just deadlines.

Some handy philosophies for this week:

  • Leftovers make the tastiest dinners.
  • It’s easier to crash in an unmade bed.
  • Dishes look better in a pile than books.¬†Or homework. Or tests.

I don’t have any real candy, so

I’m alternating between fruit snacks, chocolate chips and Cafe Rio mints (and blogging) to keep myself awake right now. It’s not very late and I’m not especially tired, but something about tonight’s homework load is making me bored drowsy.

Important updates from our Thanksgiving weekend:

  • Lots of awesome food and family.
  • A little late-night shopping.
  • Practically no homework time.
  • An electric fireplace.
  • Amazing nachos.
Probably my favorite hotel room.
Probably Jords’ favorite grab-stuff-from-the-fridge creation ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I have this problem

where I can’t handle looking at the same blog design for very long.  I’ve tried changing up my last layout a whole bunch of times, just to revert back to it after deciding the changes still aren’t my fave.  It’s too bad rearranging a blog layout isn’t as easy as changing my desktop photo … anyway, maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in a bit. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been positively swamped with pinterest midterms. (Speaking of, the word “midterm” doesn’t sound nearly test-y enough.) Or maybe it’s because I use my free time to watch Psych with Hubs as a reward for finishing schoolwork and homework and such.

In any case, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, so here’s to a mini recap:

Last weekend, we …. caught up on homework and visited the cornmaze with some awesome family.
This week, we … tried our first real pinterest recipe and figured out our plane tickets for Christmas, yay!
Today, we … spent nearly all day apart (between work and school and midterms), but Jords surprised me with a completely spotless apartment AND dinner.  Wow??

So, we’ve been pretty busy with non-exciting things.  I can’t even find the awesome picture of Jords in the stocks to share with you.  Tune in next time, though, for a (hopefully) more exciting / inspiring / thought-provoking post.

Last night I had writer’s block

in a serious way. Not like “Shoot, I’ve procrastinated this paper and now I’m stressed about writing it.” No, more like, “Shoot, I’ve procrastinated this paper and now I’m so stressed about writing it that I’m counting down how many hours until it’s due over and over again instead of putting any words on this awful blank page.”

It was bad. I had ideas but couldn’t focus them, I had a quasi-thesis that definitely left much to be desired, and I had exactly one paragraph of vague content (with good grammar, at least I had that going).

Luckily, I’m married to a liar who claims he can’t write. The man sat me down, listened to my ideas (slash issues), helped put my thesis into words, then threatened to tickle me if I didn’t start writing in five seconds. It worked, and this morning I turned in a lovely paper that I felt proud of, despite my rough start.

Thank goodness for helpful husbands.

maybe publicizing a to-do list will motivate me

but let’s be honest, really the handwritten to-do list is just a “productive” excuse to stall studying, and scanning it in and posting it online just helps it take longer.
Tomorrow morning I’m sure I’ll be all over this.  But today is still the weekend, and a little extra sleep sounds great …
In other news, the LDS Relief Society General Broadcast was amazing.  I’m re-inspired to read the lovely new “Daughters in My Kingdom” book cover-to-cover, and I’ll never look at forget-me-not flowers the same way again. So good!

today I took the perfect nap

as the rain fell softly outside my window and a just-cool-enough breeze blew in. The chill forced me under the covers and I knew my attempts to read from my physical science textbook (okay, maybe I was browsing the web) were doomed — so I set my alarm and succumbed to a half hour sleep instead.

That is, until Jords came in, stuffed a cookie in my mouth and dropped a pillow on my head.  He’s such a nap ruiner. Luckily (for him) he made up for it a teensy bit by enjoying the perfectness with me for a minute or two afterward.

I love rainy days. (Too bad today was majorly spoiled by BYU letting UT own them in the second half. There’s always next time, right?)