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10 Things

Cheesecake image

I loved about this birthday weekend:

  1. Staying up ’til 4am watching TV (never happens anymore)
  2. The Brad Paisley concert (AMAZING. We almost went to Vegas for my 21st but chose this concert instead. Loved it. But Vegas is probably happening soon, too.)
  3. Sleeping in practically until noon
  4. Provo Bakery breakfast
  5. Jordan’s masterful apt. cleaning job
  6. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread (aka cake)
  7. Cards, calls, etc. from wonderful family & friends
  8. The Cheesecake Factory (Lemonade, delish dinner, cheesecake, worth the crazy long wait.)
  9. ‘Unbelievably delicious brownies’ (Gotta love skilled sisters.)
  10. Extremely nerdy moments (I’m sure this is old news, but we noticed this Cheesecake Factory vs. Lord of the Rings thing tonight and it cracked us up.)
Cheesecake Factory decor
Photo here


I feel like all I use facebook for is wishing people happy birthday. Like my lil sis, for one. I posted on her wall promptly at midnight, then had to tell her about it the next day because she never checks her facebook. Like really never. (Not like my “Oh I hardly ever check that,” kind of never.)

Play ball

Also, Jords & I went to an Astros game (which we lost, sadface) with my fam & friends to celebrate a birthday. Honestly, our favorite part is the frozen lemonade and gourmet hot dogs; Texas bbq brisket on a hot dog is seriously amazing.

The birthday boy requested a Toy Story tablecloth so this is what my momma came up with — clever, right?

Isn’t she lovely?

Remember the sister who graduated last week? This week she turned 18 —
It would be a big deal, except I swear she already seems 25 to me.

This gorgeous girl has always been my very best friend —

I’m happy for her sake that she can finally sign her own permission slips at BYU.
{just teasing, Si}