new furniture and the same old ramen

by madiwelch

I’ll be the first to admit

I’ve gone through phases of addiction to Facebook, Pinterest, blogging and a brief fling with Twitter. But now that I’m old and mature and married (ha if only), I’m going through a KSL phase.

Really though, it’s equally addicting.

Jords and I will have conversations after work like thus:

J: Did you see that one couch …?

M: That dropped down to $170? Yeah.

J: Good thing we didn’t buy it for $220.

M: And did you see the new microfiber …?

J: In Lehi? Oh yeah. Can you believe that one hide-a-bed was asking [insert high price for an ancient, patterned hide-a-bed couch]?

And on it goes, with or without context. Nothing on KSL gets past either of us lately.

But anyway,

Tonight Jords and I got killer deals on a comfy microfiber couch and a trendy two-toned counter-height square table. The night ended well, but the process took way longer than we’d planned … hence the ramen for date night dinner. Maybe we’ll make it up tomorrow with an Olive Garden lunch. I’ve been craving the unlimited soup & salad for a while.