Shout out to high heels

by madiwelch

I feel prettier AND more productive when I clean the house in heels.  Which is good, because our house looked like the aftermath of an earthquake all week long.

Funny, I started that post like three weeks ago yet it’s true again today.  Jords and I are great at cleaning, we’re just not so great at upkeep (which is why there are still decorations up from the bridal shower I threw on Tuesday. Poor Jords spent a whole morning looking for the duct tape I used as a balloon weight behind our living room chair. The balloons had already wilted so there was nothing to give away the tape’s hiding spot).

Also, I wore heels to the grocery store today (something I feel like I maybe haven’t ever done) and I know I would have loved it if I hadn’t already been wearing them for 6 1/2 hours.


The highlights from the holidays that I managed to capture on film:
(sidenote: can I still use that archaic term?)

The Nutcracker, wow
Beautiful people, right? Well they’re about to have beautiful twin babies!  We can’t wait.
Darling pjs
A little bit of pyro-ness 
Candles, presents, cake, ice cream
A dash of partying

Some squeezed-in sister time
A few fireworks

Basically, our break brought Mario Kart, board games, shopping, delicious food, double the family fun, sleeping in, giggle attacks, late-night restaurants, an old tradition or two and a few new favorites. Also, Jords had to head home a little sooner than me (for work) so I arrived to all our new decor already hanging in our cute little apartment. Love that guy.


In past years, the words “Winter semester” translated into “Goodbye vacation, school’s about to warp speed your recently relaxed self back into real life.” That’s true this year, too, but so far it’s exciting.  I’d still choose another two weeks at home if I could (it’s warmer there) but the promise of a new year is actually rejuvenating me this time ’round.

Even if our apartment does look like an earthquake.