15 things I wish

by madiwelch

I could do right now:

  1. Ride with Jords to the aiport pick up his sis, yay!
  2. Roadtrip to California, just for kicks
  3. Or Vegas. Or Italy. Wherever.
  4. Taste test these crispy southwest chicken wraps
  5. And these lovely strawberries
  6. Find and start reading Crossed (I liked Matched pretty well, but I’m excited to see if the sequel picks up a little)
  7. Shop at the new H&M
  8. Go to RIPPED
  9. Cheer at BYU’s bball game
  10. Buy a Jamba (I might actually do this one)
  11. Eat one of these lasagna rolls (Can you tell I’m hungry?)
  12. Watch an episode of “Once Upon a Time
  13. Skype my sisters
  14. Go jogging (maybe to buy a Jamba?)
  15. Be finished with homework

And three things I’m thankful for, to make up for my missed days:

My momma. And my dad. They’re lifesavers. (The “my” is cheating, but “momma” counts.)
November. Lovely weather, a favorite holiday, almost done with the semester, etc.
Optometry. I have cute glasses, it’s true.

I’m also grateful for Paris, and wish we could go back. Half-empty or half-full?