A new record for the day:

by madiwelch

I made it from my apartment to the fourth floor of the JKB in 11 minutes. Let me just say, jogging up a long flight of stairs with a decently heavy backpack is not my favorite thing to do on Friday morning. I really need to get up earlier / get ready faster. (Probably get ready faster.)

In other news, I have another G thing to be thankful for today — Groupon!  Jords found one for Awful Waffle; we’ve been wanting to try it and we had free Groupon points so we’re set.

Anyway, today I’m thankful for …
Jords. Surprised? I’ll spare you the mushiness, but he’s a perfect husband and best friend.
Kraft Mac & Cheese. Honestly, one of our favorite meals this summer was mixing a box of Phineas & Ferb- or Cars-shaped mac & cheese with a box of spirals. (That was before we got all professional and pinteresty. But we still default sometimes.) It’s the perfect texture and it’s tasty.

Also, here’s a pretty song: