My Thankful For’s

by madiwelch

Cheesy, awful title, I know. Sometimes writing headlines at work steals my creativity.

Anyway, I love reading all the posts from bloggers who are thinking of one thing a day to feel grateful for, so I’m going to play copycat and try to do the same thing.  My twist is that for personal motivation/inspiration, I’m going to try to do it according to the alphabet.  Think it’ll work?  Yeah, me neither, honestly.  But we’ll see how it goes.

Catching up for the first seven days of November:

Apple sauce. Don’t know why, but it’s one of my favorite fake-healthy snacks.
Brownies, of any kind, flavor, shape, frosted or not, baked or not, I just love them. (Especially Ghirardelli’s double chocolate. Yum!)
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The. I know this gospel is true and I’m grateful my whole life revolves around it.
Date nights every Friday with Jords; so grateful we rarely work weekends.
Exercise. Ripped, Zumba, jogging, whatever. Now that I only have time to go to BYU’s fitness classes on Saturdays, I’m extra grateful for them.
Family — the extended fam, the in-laws, my parents, my sisters, and Jords. Extra grateful to have them all forever (double points in Scattergories?).
Girlfriends — my sisters & sisters-in-law, my besties, new wardies, old roommies.  Sometimes girl time just rocks, ya know?