It’s just a little bromance

by madiwelch

We have some of the coolest couples in our married student ward — seriously, I’m so glad we’ve met these people.  The other day, though, we had a funny little episode with one of our friends … and now he and Jords are on a pet name basis. (Pumpkin? Really?)

Since I got married, I feel like I mostly text my hubs; my monthly text counts have decreased from like 5,000 to 150 (I guess that’s what I get for choosing just one boy). So Jords and I are pretty much just in the habit of texting each other. Well, he forget he’d been texting a friend about playing football the next day, so when he tried sending me a message saying,

“Hey cutie, how’s work going?”

he definitely sent it to his friend instead. The guy totally played along, though, and now they keep getting more hilarious about the pet names they use — not gonna lie, I’m at least a little jealous haha.

In other news, I hung out with my lovely roommies from freshman year yesterday. We got hot chocolate, reminisced a little, and caught up on each others’ lives. It was so fun to see these girls again!

I look like a total dork in this picture (I think I was laughing at something? Who knows) but I love it anyway. With missions, marriage, and graduation coming up, it’s fun to see where each of these lovelies is headed. Isn’t life exciting?