Today is our six month mark

by madiwelch

and we’re celebrating, somehow! (Maybe by going tanning? Actually, we’re kind of anti-fakebake, but looking at this picture and how pasty I am now almost makes me want to reconsider.)

Jords is working that convention again all day today so probably we’ll end up counting last night’s date as our six month celebration, which is still awesome.  We’ve been missing the movie theater (after going at least weekly all summer) so we did a classic dinner & movie last night at Red Robin and In Time. Delicious and fun, for sure.

Funny thing is, I feel like we’ve been married way longer than six months. Our single lives just seems like ages ago — and honestly, neither of us misses it. Being married is a blast 🙂 and there’s nothing better than having such a perfect & permanent best friend.