Sometimes, my husband’s a little too obedient

by madiwelch

which doesn’t really seem possible, but I promise it is.

Once upon a time at the store, Jordan was grocery shopping, and I was waiting in line to check on a prescription. While I waited, I watched several people join the ever-growing prescription-purchasing line … so when I saw Jords coming toward me, I motioned to the line and mouthed, “Get in that line,” hoping we could double-dip and get out faster. I must have looked a little urgent (maybe we were running late for something? Who knows) because he responded immediately to what he thought I said (“Get that lady”), and got the attention of a lady walking in between us … of course, once he got her attention, I had absolutely nothing to say and just stood there like a dumbo, and she looked at us like we were a couple of crazies. Of course, she was also headed to the prescription-purchasing line, so we had to stand behind her for a solid fifteen minutes … and to top it off, we saw her again pulling out of the parking lot.

Awkward? Repeatedly, on repeated occasions. We’ve also died laughing over it on repeated occasions.

I’ve been seriously lacking in husband time this week, though, because Jords has been working a convention in SLC for his company.  He literally works all day (like 5am to 11pm). His carpool driver fell through, so he’s also had to drive … which leaves me at home, by myself, without an insured car (I have another car, but our schedules worked out so nicely for most of this semester that we decided to suspend my car insurance and start paying for it when I need to use my car again). Anyway, I’m basically a hermit.  Except for the two hours I spent making dinner with my sister and her boyfriend yesterday.  Those were good times.

Luckily, I have awesome visiting teachers who love me — look how cute this is!

The note says, “Little by little the Lord shapes us, just like you carving this pumpkin into a masterpiece.”

Isn’t that such a cute thing to find on the doorstep in the morning? Obviously they don’t know that Jords & I lack pumpkin carving skills (see last year’s pumpkin below) but I’m excited to see what we’ll come up with to make out of this year’s little guy.