Who said

by madiwelch

cooking dinner has to be hard?

One of my biggest fears while we were engaged was how I was going to manage to cook for my darling foodie husband … he’s such a connoisseur of good food that I seriously considered it a potential reason for him to find somebody else.  (Honestly, he should be a food critic. The man’s an expert.) Luckily, our schedules have worked out so perfectly that we almost always get to make dinner together, and it’s become one of our favorite things to do.

Particularly since we discovered pinterest.

Recipe here
Before that, we had fun with awesome cookbooks and cooking blogs (which we still enjoy thoroughly). But we’re obsessed with recipes from pinterest — it’s like the best from everywhere! Jords loved the recipes I found from pinterest so much that I occasionally caught him looking on the site for more … finally, I sent him an invite and told him he should make a food board to help us organize our meals. He (reluctantly but secretly excitedly) agreed, and now we have double the pinterest fun.
Don’t these little pizza rolls look delicious?  We dipped them in our favorite sauce and had them for dinner tonight, which I loved, but I think they’d be an awesome finger food for parties, too. Yum!