10 things

by madiwelch

we loved about this weekend:

  1. sleeping in (slash catching up on the week’s missed sleep)
  2. 2pm church (usually we love 10am, but the break for stake conference was nice)
  3. spinach lasagna rolls for dinner (pinterest recipe)
  4. shopping trips (see previous post)
  5. lots of Psych episodes (although we’ll be sad to finish season 5)
  6. date night (Brick Oven pizza & the movie Paycheck)
  7. visiting my bestie and her family in Salt Lake (while Jords did an awesome interview for a project)
  8. going on a double date with bestie for froyo (fun AND delish)
  9. seeing my lovely grandma for a few minutes (she made us the cutest pillow!)
  10. aaaand sleeping in (sometimes you just really need to catch up, ya know?)
We loved the chance to chill and relax this weekend, and also to do lotsa fun things.