While shopping with my sister

by madiwelch

today, I realized two things:

1) We have almost identical taste in clothes. Seriously. It’s been true for a while — we usually pick up the same item in two different sizes or colors, then end up switching in the fitting room — but today it was practically exact. When we both lived at home, we used to just share (and it’s proof that we really are best friends that we didn’t fight over clothes when I left for college), but today we bought the same shirt in the same color. For once, it’ll be good (but bittersweet) if I don’t run into her on campus.

2) I’m (surprisingly) more likely to spend money when Jords is around than when he’s not. Who knows why.  Maybe I want to make sure he likes it first? In any case, I was proud of myself for not splurging like crazy after avoiding malls for so long (that is, after I fully considered buying everything I liked, bringing it home, and then returning it later). What does this mean? Possibly that a shopping trip with Jords is in order.

Some favorite oldie twin shots:

1) shades
2) bows 

 3) pose
4) ice cream and expression

Newest twin picture coming soon! Maybe if I keep promising photos, I’ll remember to make it happen.