I have this problem

by madiwelch

where I can’t handle looking at the same blog design for very long.  I’ve tried changing up my last layout a whole bunch of times, just to revert back to it after deciding the changes still aren’t my fave.  It’s too bad rearranging a blog layout isn’t as easy as changing my desktop photo … anyway, maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged in a bit. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been positively swamped with pinterest midterms. (Speaking of, the word “midterm” doesn’t sound nearly test-y enough.) Or maybe it’s because I use my free time to watch Psych with Hubs as a reward for finishing schoolwork and homework and such.

In any case, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, so here’s to a mini recap:

Last weekend, we …. caught up on homework and visited the cornmaze with some awesome family.
This week, we … tried our first real pinterest recipe and figured out our plane tickets for Christmas, yay!
Today, we … spent nearly all day apart (between work and school and midterms), but Jords surprised me with a completely spotless apartment AND dinner.  Wow??

So, we’ve been pretty busy with non-exciting things.  I can’t even find the awesome picture of Jords in the stocks to share with you.  Tune in next time, though, for a (hopefully) more exciting / inspiring / thought-provoking post.