it’s beginning to look a lot like

by madiwelch

cookies.  Not Christmas, not quite.  I love Christmas as much as anyone out there (and it’s my little sister’s birthday, which makes it quadruply fun) but I still believe in waiting to celebrate it until after Halloween for sure, and usually even after Thanksgiving. (Maybe I just need a longer/better Christmas music playlist? Or maybe I’m just never really in the mood for celebration until after finals? For whatever reason, my heart is two sizes too small…) So why the Christmas-themed cookies, you ask?

Jords has been looking for Cadbury eggs to try this recipe for a while (we’re talkin’ four to five months, they’re his favorite). So when he went to Walgreens tonight to buy some more Claritin (we go through it crazy fast, I swear I’ve never had allergies this bad in both Utah AND Texas until I got married. Could I be allergic to him??) and saw Christmas-colored ones, he couldn’t resist! It was a lucky move, too, because we hurried and made them real quick to ease the pain of not being able to watch the BYU game tonight (we don’t own the channel, apparently. Who knew?).

So anyway, we’re enjoying a less-than-exciting Saturday night of essaying rather than football, but at least we have delicious cookies to brighten our holiday spirits.