Almost every time I log onto my laptop,

by madiwelch

I automatically take just a minute to skim through my Facebook newsfeed. Then I quickly check my email to make sure I haven’t missed any important updates on assignments from professors or funny forwards from my dad. After that, I log onto both of my blogs (one for news and one for fun) and read a few updates from bloggers I follow. If I have time (and sometimes even if I don’t), I search for pretty pictures on Pinterest or tweet a couple of lines. Sometimes I simultaneously have the latest episode of a favorite show streaming through Hulu on TV, or I’m listening to a playlist on Spotify or iTunes. Finally, I start a paper, download a PDF to read for class, or begin whatever it was I logged onto my laptop for in the first place–that’s usually when I notice a text on my cell phone waiting for a reply, or maybe it’s a calendar alert reminding me to stick our latest Netflix DVD in the mail. Lately I’ve been wondering, should I get a tumblr? Or do I have too much social media going on already?

Okay, so maybe my laptop use isn’t always that dramatic. I am online a ton, though, and lately I’m noticing how hooked I really am on the world wide web. A lot of times it’s for my major — it’s what Comms is all about — but I’m setting a new goal to make sure more of my time online is constructive than not.

This talk by Elder Bednar and this talk by President Uchtdorf both focus on using social media in positive ways (not to mention the many mentions of it in this past LDS GC). I especially related to Elder Bednar’s point about the adversary wanting to minimize the importance of real-life bodies by persuading people to live online–it reminded me of a drawing on my freshman dorm’s quote board (in case you were wondering, yes, I re-created this with my masterful Paint skills):

And it reminded me of this funny clip from “He’s Just Not That Into You” (which I saw edited on the plane back from London, so I’m not sure I’d recommend it or not):

Anyway, there’s some techie thoughts for the day. Ultimately, I love technology and social media, but I’m setting a new goal to make sure I focus on “things that matter most” and “things as they really are.”