Would you rather …

by madiwelch

take Physical Science 100 with like a thousand freshman or not graduate?  As I study for the first science test I’ve had in like four years (okay that’s not totally true, somewhere in my repressed memories I took Bio last Fall), I can’t quite decide …

Actually, there really are some aspects of science I think are completely fascinating.  It’s interesting to learn about the ways in which the world works — especially at BYU, where my TA brings up the Pearl of Great Price to explain the general theory of relativity.  Love it.  It’s just right now I’m cramming for an exam on a night when I’d rather be baking brownies with my hubby … but that would make any test for any subject awful, right?

I’m thinkin’ I might take a break and test the chemical potential energy in these lovelies:

photo from nattybydesign

I haven’t tried the recipe, but I sure want to!