we’re all in the mood for a melody

by madiwelch

Billy Joel will forever be “the piano man” for me.  But let’s be honest, Jon Schmidt is amazing and I try never to miss his concerts if I can help it. Sierra & Jared came with us yesterday to Thanksgiving Point to check out JSchmidt’s latest funny mashups (“Don’t Worry Be Psycho,” for instance), some of his most famous (“Love Story Meets Viva La Vida”), and a few new ones that I need to investigate further.
Some random shots from before the show:

… and then we remembered we were there for a concert, and not just to take pointless photos …

and although the photo isn’t as awesome, the concert definitely was.  Our whole day yesterday was amazing, actually.  We went to a sweet baby blessing on Jordan’s side (she’s seriously such a precious little girl — I’m trying not to be too sad that they chose one of my favorite baby names! does that make it off limits??) and loved seeing those fun fam members again.  I’m lucky to have tons of awesome in-laws. We also had a little party at our place (with taco pinwheels and 7-layer dip to give Si & I something to do during the first half) for the narrowly-scraped football victory before we ran off to the concert.  All in all, an awesome day!

Sadly, tomorrow we’ll have to pay … by spending our Labor Day doing homework.