if I could have chosen

by madiwelch

what I wanted to do for my Labor Day weekend, some possibilities might have included (ahem):

  • road-tripping to Yellowstone while the weather’s still nice
  • road-tripping to Vegas to go shopping for more clothes at H&M
  • road-tripping to Cali to check out the Redwoods in real life (despite feeling slightly turned off after the most recent Apes movie
Basically, I want to road-trip.  I seriously believe that to some degree, Jords & I fell in love on lots of mini-road-trips around Houston and San Antonio last last summer.  (There’s just something romantic about watching him burn tons of money in gas for you, ya know? Just kidding.)  All that driving just gave us a chance to really talk and learn more about each other.  I loved it, that’s for sure.
So hopefully we’ll get to road-trip again soon, but even without it, this weekend was a wonderful one.  Sunday we went to our rockin’ new ward (more on that later), skyped my family, and spent time with Jordan’s cousins and grandma in gorgeous Alpine.  Today we’ll hopefully get stuff done then hang with some of our besties. Even if we could trade our weekend, we wouldn’t.