a million trillion pounds

by madiwelch

were lost and gained on this trip, simultaneously. What better way to measure the success of a vacation, though, than by a shrunken wallet and a bloated waist? We couldn’t be happier, seriously.

Jords toured Europe with a study abroad group last Fall — they started in Rome and finished in London, and went everywhere you can think of in between, I swear. He sent me the sweetest emails, videos and pictures, and even spent crazy amounts of money to call a few times, but I still felt a tiny bit bitter about it every time I sat down to write a paper or take a test (who wants to date someone touring Europe while you’re stuck in school??). Not to mention his group consisted of a thousand girls and eight guys; what’s a girl back home supposed to do with those odds except pore over every email looking for some hint of another potential interest?
Anyway, he had an amazing time and when he came back home and we became engaged, it only made sense for us to go to Europe for our honeymoon since I’d heard so much about it and he wanted to show me around his favorite spots. Hence this trip to London & Paris; it was incredible, seriously. (That last line kinda rhymes if you say “Paris” in the fancy foreign way, haha.)
Trip highlights include:
  1. The Phantom of the Opera. In London. Lifelong dream come true, basically.
  2. H&M shopping. We spent enough time there that we almost should have just gone to Vegas for our honeymoon.
  3. Hyde Park. There weren’t any soapboxes around when we went (although we’ve heard they still do that on Sunday mornings maybe?) but that whole area was just gorgeous. Plus Jords got to feed squirrels, can’t beat that.
  4. Cafe Concerto. Most delicious gelato ever, even if our waiter didn’t like us.
  5. Eating gelato and walking around this cobblestoned, quiet area just outside of and above Paris, with an amazing view of the city.
  6. Camden Lock — a marketplace with everything you can think of. It extended for miles, no joke. We were late to see Les Mis because we dug too far into its depths and couldn’t tear ourselves away.
  7. Little miracles and tender mercies, like a really nice lady letting us skip security to help us make our train to Paris after the Tube slowed us down by a solid half hour.
  8. The Louvre — don’t murder me, but I might have enjoyed the architecture of that incredible building more than most of the art we saw.
  9. Croissants & eclairs.
  10. The Eiffel Tower. One of the times I knew I’d marry Jordan was last year when he sent me a video from the Eiffel Tower, promising the next time he stood in that spot, I’d be there, too.
So I stuck some of our favorite memories into a quickly-made movie, feel free to check it out. However, just so you know: country music, dorky commentary, and lots of cheesy smiles. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Pictures might be coming in the next day or two.

[actually, I can’t get the video to work yet, so raincheck on that one]