t-minus sixty minutes

by madiwelch

Remember how I mentioned something about babysitting a weekend or so ago? Jords and I became the proud parents of six children for four days while their parents enjoyed a fitness resort in California (I know that sounds fake — who would take a vacation from six kids at a fitness resort? Only these awesome people). I’m really close with this family and we absolutely love these kids.
Even so, I’ve gotta admit, they wore us out. We don’t know how their parents do it. Kids just unconsciously (and let’s be honest, sometimes consciously) beat you up, ya know? Here’s a painful example:

I’m so grateful to my sister for snapping photos fast enough to catch my expression as this little cutie’s floaty attacked me. (Let’s remember kids, violence isn’t the answer to over-eager babysitters.)

But anyway, today marks the end of our working summer and the beginning of our honeymoon tour across London & Paris! We can’t wait!