it’s a toss up

by madiwelch

{testing out the Instagram app and loving it}

Jords and I ate at Tiny Boxwoods yesterday — a delicious little restaurant right next to a gorgeous greenery. We’d recommend lunch more than dinner; Jordan said their buffalo burger is the best he’s ever had, but oh so sadly they only serve it for lunch. Honestly though, I mostly go for the cookies; we’ve been trying to choose a number one favorite cookie lately, and these definitely make the list. (Why we don’t have a photo, you ask? I’m a pathetic excuse for a blogger.)

Also yesterday, my sister and I tried out some French manicures — she decided that it just might be worth $360 a year (we found an inexpensive place (plus we had a giftcard)) to get them done every three weeks. It’s nice they can make your real nails look that pretty; we’re afraid of fungi that like little plastic fingernail-sized greenhouses (something you have to think about in a good-for-your-skin-but-nothing-else humid climate).
Also also yesterday, we threw a going-away party for one of my sister’s friends — we’re going to miss our fantastic neighbors so much!