summertime on my mind

by madiwelch

(sorry for the grainy quality — I need to figure out how to fix that)
Jords & I keep talking about how well this summer worked out for us — so I’m trying to get the same phrases out of my system by blogging them.

Last semester ended in such a whirlwind — the craziest school schedule in my academic history, killer finals along with packing and moving — just to fly home and get married a week later (which means showers, bridal shoots, family arriving, and all the final details are a smudge in my memory now). Everything was so crazy and we weren’t even positive where we’d be living this summer, let alone when we moved back to Provo. Seriously though, all of our major decisions worked out so smoothly and the choices we made seem so perfect to us, now — I’m truly grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows our needs and guides our lives. Hubs and I have been blessed in countless ways, especially with how smoothly this summer has gone.
At the same time, I can’t believe how quickly this summer flew. We worked so much that the tons of fun times seemed to pass even faster. I’m not sure I’m ready to head back into college life again — friends, football, dollar movies and In-N-Out, yes, but homework tickling my brain all day long? Not so much. At least this semester I can really start a graduation countdown without crying over how much I have left. Hopefully.