I wasn’t born in Texas …

by madiwelch

but I got here as fast as I could.

{Absolutely ancient photo. Like senior year of high school ancient.}
My family’s lived in Texas for about four years now, and we figure that qualifies us as Texans. After all, it’s about to take the lead as where we’ve lived the longest (ehh … in like two years). Close enough, right?
But what I figure qualifies us most isn’t how long we’ve lived here: it’s how fully we’ve embraced country music … Jords & I most often have Pandora playing Brad Paisley, and I don’t think my sister has any other kind of station programmed into her car. Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t the-more-twang-the-better types, but really, who can get enough of that quaint southern drawl?
Anyway, I liked this article from Deseret News about the country music genre, its themes, and how they relate to American culture. One source calls it the “play-hard, pray-hard” genre, and I pretty much love that description — it’s true that it can sometimes be too real about people’s problems, but it also focuses on turning to a higher power for help. Popular music and contemporary culture have a chicken-or-the-egg relationship in my brain; check out the article to see which one they think came first.