not the banana kind

by madiwelch

It’s interesting to see the ways our church is growing technologically — I’ve had this on my brain today because my family’s home ward split into two wards, and we had the weirdest powerpoint-style Sacrament meeting ever. Not that the meeting itself was weird at all; actually the meeting felt more like a blender filled with we’re-excited-to-progress feelings and we’ll-miss-our-friends feelings. {Okay horrible comparison, but a smoothie sounds great right now.} Just weird that there was a powerpoint, ya know?

Anyway, I saw this one article through LDS Living on how church members around the world can tap into the Mormon Channel — pretty interesting. And there’s this other article, also through LDS Living, by a Catholic writer who’s into our contemporary marketing ideas. Maybe it’s my major, but I like belonging to a church that uses modern media to spread an eternal message.
P.S. Man, four posts in one weekend? Must mean Jordan’s working too much.