a borrowed life

by madiwelch

Jords pointed out the other day how much of our life right now is borrowed.
1) We’re house sitting for a neighbor while they travel around Europe.
{how nice is that? gorgeous house, free rent!}
2) I just trained for a job that I’ll be doing for one week while its real owner trains in Salt Lake.
3) We’re dog sitting the best dog {pronounced ‘dawg’ by Jords} on the planet.
4) We’re only in town for the summer, so we’ve also been borrowing church callings and assignments — the last three Sundays we’ve subbed for different Primary & Sunday School classes. So fun!
our new family photo

All we need now are some borrowed babies … oh wait, this weekend we’ll have those, too!
Much thanks to all of our lovely lenders. We’d be extra poor without you.