Sometimes …

by madiwelch

our lives revolve around food. Or all the time, really.
{That thought always reminds me of Over the Hedge, which movie was saved by a love for Ben Folds.}
For instance, last Friday’s date night involved going to this giant grocery store

{like literally giant — it extends way farther to the right than this photo shows}
and enrolling in their cooking school for a night
{c/o a bridal shower gift from Jordan’s fantastic family}.

We made lettuce wraps, beef fried rice, shrimp with lobster sauce and pepper steak — pretty much our taste buds lived happily ever after.
Let’s just pretend that earlier that same week, I didn’t eat these amazing tacos from Freebirds {easily tied with Cafe Rio in my brain, but just the tacos} on the same day as I had Orange Leaf and gourmet hot dogs.
Was it a bad week or a good week? I guess it depends on whether you let the scale decide.