True stories

by madiwelch

of gross things that happened to me this week.

On Friday, a very dead bug fell into my hand. From a cereal box. Nasty? I think yes. I’d worked from 7am to 10am and was very hungry when I got home, but all appetite disappeared after that and Jords got to finally witness me gag like a crazyperson. He couldn’t stop laughing — it reminded me of the Modern Family episode where Mitchell cracks up at all of Cameron’s clumsy moments.
Except this was gross.
Also, on Wednesday we went on a super fun kayaking trip with Jords’ siblings on a river that runs through downtown — pictures to come — and it was cool to see nature juxtaposed with skyscrapers. But last night Mel texted me with this story, and it changed our experience a bit. Check it out at your own risk.