You make me wanna say I do

by madiwelch

Gosh time flies!

To celebrate our ONE MONTH anniversary, I’m {finally} posting some wedding photos!
This may take a few posts, so please have patience with me 🙂
Just for fun, we’ll go backwards and start with some details from the reception:

A wall of our lovely engagement photos, taken by my fabulous parents
A display of flowers and a canvas of Jords & I at our lovely temple
The most gorgeous AND delicious cake ever, by Bobbie Sevy with Southern Elegance
In the photo booth with silly hats
Raspberry ribbons decorating the outside of the reception
Memorable moments from the wedding party and piano
Sister signing our engravable photo frame
Divine Texas-shaped groom’s cake, also by Bobbie Sevy
Can you tell we had a photo theme going on?
Special thanks to the wonderful April & Mark with condiffphotography — these shots are beautiful and I’m so glad to have them to remember how perfect everything was.