Yep, we’re Houston zoobies

by madiwelch

Lovin’ the longhorns. They’re huge!

Jonathan the Great. Is he sticking out his tongue? I kinda think so.

Jords’ sis glaring at the animals.

The snakes were super active while we were there — scary! We even saw a python feeding on a white bunny; I have pictures, but wasn’t sure I wanted my blog to be that gruesome.

So we really did clean the apartment the other night — we just got distracted by an X-Men marathon with the family (nerdy, I know, but another one’s coming out in June so we had to be prepared).

Our day at the zoo was gorgeous! We went early and the weather was perfect. I’m never especially interested in seeing the primates, but one of the little monkeys was probably my fave animal this time.
Photo c/o

We ate at a precious little place called Tiny Boxwoods; Jords had the best burger of his life, which is high praise from a foodie like him. I had a tasty turkey and avocado sandwich, so good. Everything was delicious, but the cookies were extra incredible. Yum!