Two weeks and counting?

by madiwelch

K I promise I won’t really keep counting. But it’s kinda fun that our date night every week (begun by Hubs surprising me with a clean apartment, homemade steak and loaded mashed potatoes, strawberry cream cake and a movie) also happens to mark another week of marriage.

Photo c/o Peli Peli; I forgot to take my camera. Bad blogger.

This week, we went on a “day-date” to one of our favorite restaurants — this delicious dish is from Peli Peli, the same restaurant where we went on our first official date over a year ago. Yum! Maybe the reason I married him? Who knows. Awesome part is that we spent the exact right amount to get us the most out of our groupon. That’s right, we’re poor college student pros.

Photo c/o Trip Advisor

Photo c/o Houston’s Best, which named Peli Peli the #1 Romantic Restaurant in Houston. Love it.

Then today we went to the zoo with my wonderful in-laws! I’ll post pictures later. I’ve decided that’s my reward for cleaning the kitchen. And the bathroom. And our bedroom.

Still waiting on wedding photos, so this one’s just for fun today.