Lava Cake Love :)

by madiwelch

Guess what??  We’re E N G A G E D ! ! !

It hasn’t quite sunk in completely–I no longer have a boyfriend, he’s my fiancee!  Because I love telling it, here’s the story:

We took a day trip to San Antonio last Saturday to visit a beautiful mall and eat at one of our favorite restaurants, the Chart House at the top of the Tower of the Americas.

The Shops at La Cantera
Chart House & Tower of the Americas 
(It’s extra awesome because it spins!)  

We had so much fun together and ate a delicious dinner and then the waitress brought out our chocolate lava cake, decorated with chocolate hearts and swirls and the words, “Will you marry me?”  I loved it–a handsome kneeling boyfriend, a sparkling ring, and tasty chocolate all at once?!  He spoils me for sure.

A close-up of the cake (after the proposal) and Jordan’s inquisitive face
The man, the ring, the cake, the view
I’m so happy!
A family sitting near us saw the whole thing happen and congratulated us as we walked out.  The sweet husband had his wife translate for him, “I hope you enjoy that dessert for the rest of your lives.”  We had an incredible evening and now I’m excited to officially start planning!